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About Us

About Us

Paddling as one

Nestled in the stunning Poipu on the South Shore of Kauai, the Kukui’ula Outrigger Canoe Club has been a beacon of culture, community, and competitive spirit since 2006.

The Kukui’ula Outrigger Canoe Club was formed in 2006 and is located in Poipu on the South Shore of Kauai at Kukui`ula Bay. Our Club is made up of a diverse group of adult paddlers ranging from novice paddlers to those with varied experience, open crews to Sr. Master Crews. Members of our club come with varying athletic backgrounds looking for a chance to exercise while on island to those being highly competitive and wanting to compete in the major outrigger competitions.

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Our club works to perpetuate the Hawaiian culture through training, instruction, and competition in Hawaiian outrigger canoe paddling. We encourage and promote good sportsmanship among members and between teams and take an active participatory role in the community.

In addition to participating in local and off-island races and regattas, our club hosts the Mike Balik Memorial Long Distance Race and the Koloa Plantations Days Family Fun Run. Paddlers and runners from all around converge in Po’ipu for these two events each year. For more information please check out our events.


Executive Steering Committee

Board Of Directors

Marvin Otsuji (Founding–in perpetuity)

Mac McDonald (Founding–in perpetuity)

Laola Aea (2023 – 2025)

Mark Jacobson (2024 – 2026)

Liz Grechi (2024-2026)

Tim Beaver (2024-2026)


Mike Serpa, President, Email

Rick Funk, Vice President, Email

Tami Rollins, Treasurer, Email

Meghan Tracey, Registrar Email

Katy Otsuji, Corresponding Secretary, Email

Laola Aea, Wahine Sargent at Arms, Email

Andres Grechi, Kane Sargent at Arms, Email


Recruiting Paddlers & PR for Club


Building & Grounds Care

Maintenance & Logistics of Canoes & Equipment

Outrigger Paddling Education & Hawaiian Culture

Water Safety

Historian-Website/Facebook/ Photographer